Art Show Celebrates Stan Lee


Posted January 26, 2008 - By Derek Snowden

There is a massively awesome art show going on right now in Los Angeles. 

Gallery 1988 is currently sporting Under the Influence: A Tribute to Stan Lee, where literally dozens of talented and recognizable artists have created works in their own style that pay personal homage to the characters and influence of one Stan "The Man" Lee.   Perhaps you've heard of him.

TheFeed chased down and snuck in behind Blair Butler as she attended opening night.  Incredibly, she allowed our Geek Out team to shoot her while she shot the shoot with a grip of gifted artists, Gallery 1988's bounding and boundless curator Jensen Karp and...wait for it...no, really...stop it, you're killing us...The Marvelous One himself.   

We swear on our mothers, it's the truth.  The video below proves it.   The only problem was that we had to go back and redub everybody's voices, as the original audio was rendered useless by the relentless sound of jaws hitting the floor.

For Paste-Pot Pete's sake, don't miss this show.

Under the Influence: A Tribute to Stan Lee runs only until this Friday, Feb.1.  

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Art Show Celebrates Stan Lee