Exclusive: Mark Rein Interview


Posted January 17, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

We caught up with Epic Games vice president Mark Rein to chop it up about Unreal Tournament 3, the first-person shooter available now on the PlayStation 3 and PC and supposedly heading to the Mac and 360 in 2008.

Among other interesting bits, Rein weighed in on the persistent discussion of whether the PlayStation 3 is harder to develop for than other platforms ( ***SPOILER ALERT*** According to Rein, It's not), Whether we can expect a UT3 Demo for the PS3, and what's in store in the world of Unreal downloadables.

G4: Technically, how does the PS3 version of UTIII compare to the PC version?

Mark Rein: The amazing thing about the PS3 version of UT3 is that we were able to bring all of it to the console and it runs really well. That's no mean feat considering PCs typically have much more memory than consoles do and some of the maps in UT3 are pretty large with lots of action going on all over the place.

Was it a difficult console to code for? Any specific hurdles? Criticism or praise?

Making a complex game like UT3 isn't easy no matter what system you're making it for. I don't think we found the specific challenges of the PS3 to be any easier or harder than other formats. It's a great console with lots of power to be had if you're willing and able to get into it.

Do you prefer to play with the SIXAXIS or a mouse & keyboard?

I'm happy playing with either. When I'm playing on PS3 I use the Sixaxis. When I play on PC it's keyboard and mouse. We do support keyboard and mouse on PS3 but I enjoy the Sixaxis.

Does UTIII support Dual Shock 3 out of the box?


Are there plans for a PS3 Demo for gamers that don't have a PC that can handle the game? If so, when?

No plans.

What sort of DLC can we expect to see for UTIII?

All kinds of amazing DLC!! We've already released a few user-created maps and mutators but there is so much more to come!

Will mod developers be able to release their mods directly to the PS3 or will they have to go through Epic?

Mod makers can simply put their creations up on the internet for anyone to play - for free!  We "cooked" a few mods into the PS3 format before we had released the required update to our editor but now people can do their own. To make mods for the game you need to have the PC version of

UT3 because that's the one that comes with the tools and the content in the original, non-cooked, format.

Any updates on the 360 version of UTIII?

No, not yet.

Mass Effect: Paragon or Renegade?

Either - as long as you play this outstanding game!  Congratulations Bioware!

Carmack: Punk or Genius?


Game of the Year: Portal or... that's your only option.

Would you kindly change that to Bioshock?

Most Overrated GOTY?

Portal .   Just kidding actually - I really enjoyed Portal. This is just a reaction to your prior question.

Ninja Warrior: Great Show or Greatest Show?

What is it?

Rock Band or Guitar Hero?

Ask me again when Guitar Hero has drum support :)

This Question Sponsored by Eidos: Kane or Lynch?

That's like asking Sucralose or Aspartame. How do you choose a preference?

Thanks a lot!

Exclusive: Mark Rein Interview


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