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Posted January 15, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

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Seven execution style murders / I have no remorse ‘cause I’m the f**kin’ murder
Haven’t you ever heard of a killer? / I drop bombs like Hiroshima

And with that line from “High Powered” off Dr. Dre’s landmark album The Chronic, Long Beach rapper RBX landed himself in the hip hop hall of fame as one of the greatest personalities to grace the mic.

Armed with a voice so deep and scary-sounding it’s as if every syllable is a threat from El Diablo himself, and an arsenal of rhymes so vivid it’s no wonder they call him “The Narrator,” it’s no wonder RBX has appeared on so more classic albums than any rapper out of the LBC besides Snoop himself. The Chronic, The Chronic 2001, Doggystyle, The Marshall Mathers LP, to name but a few. He’s worked with everyone from Korn to B-Real, Dilated Peoples to Warren G, and KRS-One to Nas, and even won a Grammy in 1993 for his co-writing of Dr. Dre's “Let Me Ride.” He also happens to be the son of Bootsy Collins, and a cousin of Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger. Now how’s that for hip hop street cred?

But the craziest part about RBX is that very few have ever seen him or know what he looks like. He’s rarely granted interviews and is often engulfed in darkness and shadows in videos. So imagine our surprise when we got word The Narrator X was out promoting his new album Broken Silence and down for doing a Freestyle 101? Excited? Nervous? A little freaked out? Yup, all that and more.

So as soon as he stepped behind the mic at Reef Studios and that booming voice we’ve heard on so many classic songs came bellowing out, myself and the crew were speechless. And guess what? He’s a big-time videogamer and sci-fi fan and unleashed a deadly rhyme about Halo 3, Fear, Dead To Rights, Star Wars and more. This day just kept getting better.

So go pick RBX’s Broken Silence and keep on the lookout for his new group with MC Ren and Big Rocc called Concrete Criminals. Freestyle 101 is back in full effect every Tuesday at 3 p.m. EST. Make sure to tune in for webisodes featuring MC Frontalot, LMNO of Visionaries, Hangar 18, Pack FM, Insane Poetry, and many more every. Until then, check us on MySpace, dig our behind-the-scenes photos, peep Messiaz for more cool beats, and sound off in our Forums.

And if you dig RBX’s Freestyle 101, then check out webisodes featuring other west coast MCs such as P.E.A.C.E. and Myka 9 of Freestyle Fellowship, Ras Kass, Glasses Malone, Gift of Gab of Blackalicous, Spider Loc, 40 Glocc, and more.

Freestyle 101: RBX


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