Pepsimazon: The Right Stuff


Posted January 14, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

Pepsi and Amazon.com, two great tastes that taste great together, just announced a joint digital music promotion effort called Pepsi Stuff.

The promotion will kick off (get it?) during a Super Bowl commercial starring Justin Timberlake and is designed to introduce Amazon’s new digital music service to the public.

Here’s how the promo works:

“Pepsi will distribute 4 billion specially marked Pepsi packages -- including bottles, six-packs, etc. -- that let buyers collect points which are good for free music downloads on the Amazon.com service. Players "bank" their points at PepsiStuff.com, with five points good for one free song. The points are also redeemable for TV downloads, electronics gear, clothes, DVDs and CDs and other merchandise sold on Amazon, totaling $1 billion in prizes.” 

Amazon digital music service’s contains no DRM protections, so songs acquired from the store can play on any digital music device. And even though Universal Music Group has licensed its catalog for the Amazon service, fans redeeming Pepsi points as part of the promotion won't be able to download UMG songs, as the label declined to participate.

Apparently, they think we’re all jerks…

Billboard.com: Pepsi, Amazon Unveil Long-Expected Promotion

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Pepsimazon: The Right Stuff