Hybrid Cars Full Of Hot Air?


Posted January 9, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

French Formula One expert Guy Negre has developed a car engine that runs not on the chemical energy of gasoline, but use Compressed Air Technology, which incorporates bi-energy (compressed air + fuel) to increase their driving range to close to 2000 km with zero pollution in cities and considerably reduced pollution outside urban areas.

In plain talk that means “regular old air is compressed in ultra-strong tanks in the car. Then, that air is released through a couple of pistons in the engine, which drives the wheels.”

So why go airy?

Well, it only costs about three dollars to fill up the tank, for one thing. Also, the car has no emissions and the re-filling process is easy.

Air Car prototypes are on the road and several companies have already licensed the technology, though don’t expect to see them in American too soon…still got some kinks and legalities to work out….

Ecogeek.org: Air-Powered Hybrid Cars?

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Hybrid Cars Full Of Hot Air?


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