Hilary Clinton vs. Her Tivo


Posted January 8, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

Wouldn’t you think if you are running for president, one of the most powerful jobs a person can have in this world, you should at least be able to set your dang Tivo?

Well, if you do, then you better not vote for Hilary Clinton.


Because beacons of truth TMZ is reporting that sources overheard Hillary Clinton at a cocktail reception complaining to daughter Chelsea that she can't get her TiVo to work properly. She said her box overwrites the shows she inputs manually with shows she's not interested in at all.

And she expects us to vote her into office with this horrible affliction? Jesus! What’s next? If she cops to not being able to put numbers into her Blackberry I say we have her shot!

I also say that rather than election we hold a contest and whichever nominee can program their Tivo fastest gets to be President!

TMZ.com: Hilary: De-Programmed

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Hilary Clinton vs. Her Tivo


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