'Street Fighter 4' Cause Internet Fight


Posted December 10, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Internet fights are a dime-a-dozen, and almost always, unless there is a youtube video, we're not interested. But this internet fight is the exception, because it concerns two pretty big players in the videogame "journalism" field and Street Fighter 4.

Here's the story: 1up, the website for Electronic Games Monthly, showed off a single screenshot from Capcom's Streetfighter 4 along with the message that tons of exclusive info about the game would be included in the next issue of their print magazine.

It only took a few days for EGM's "exclusive" screenshots to show up on someone elses' website and become non-exclusive. So EGM's owners, Ziff Davis, decide to send the Brazilian site that leaked the pics a cease and desist letter, you know, like you'd expect them to.

Then, gaming blog kotaku gets wind of the story and frames it like: "Massive corporation picks on the little guy with a blog! ZOMG!"

Then EGM answers with the news that the owner of the Brazillian site was a (no doubt former) EGM freelancer who basically stole the images and details and posted them on his own site. That's maybe illegal, definitely unethical, and  really, really stupid. 

Now, TheFeed is all about the "little guy" not being messed with by "The Man," but, in this case, the little guy seems to be in the wrong... and  breaking an agreement, logging onto a computer system and stealing something should at least get you rich. This guy didn't get anything but a day or two of internet fame amongst the shut-ins who read gaming blogs.If there's a smaller, more pathetic payoff for losing your freelance gig and burning your bridges, we can't imagine what it is.

'Street Fighter 4' Cause Internet Fight


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