Cell Phone Movie Awards?


Posted December 7, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Dude, so you know how, like, you made that hilarious movie on your cell of me laughing until milk came out of my nose. Remember? And we, like, totally thought it was, like, award-winning comedy goldness? Well, now we can actually win a friggin’ award for that s**t! In Japan!!!

Yes, kids, The Pocket Films Festival opened today in Yokohama, Japan and features 48 movies shot on camera-equipped cell phones. This first of its kind, entries were selected from more than 400 submissions in the international contest. Many of the flick were edited as digital files on a personal computer..

Films in the running are such illustrious titles as Yuka Kojima's five-minute Thumb Girl, presumably about a girl with a thumb (a few pictured above), and the nine-minute Walkers whose main character is a pair of sneakers that ride on a train.

"The cell phone is something you always carry around and so you can roll the camera on a whim," said Masaki Fujihata, film professor at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and one of the festival's judges. "There's such an intimacy between the work and its creator. It's spontaneous."

Fujihata enjoyed Walkers, for instance, while Yukio Anagawa, an employee at a telecommunications company, who came to check out the festival, was confused by it.

"It's not that entertaining," said the 28-year-old. "It's sure different from regular movies."


Not that entertaining?

I’m in!

Pocket Films Festival in Japan

YahooNews.com: Japan festival shows cell phone films

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Cell Phone Movie Awards?


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