Robots: Great or The Greatest?


Posted November 30, 2007 - By EditorialUnit44385 .927

It has come to our attention that biological life form "Bleahy" (Classification: Writer, TheFeed) has deemed robots a greater threat than rap music and/or rust.

Mr. Bleahy has been terminated with extreme prejudice for his views, and will be sent to the outer space diamond mine when he completes his brief, six-month stay in Re-Education Camp # 3398.443.

From this point forward, TheFeed (Classification: Blog) will be written entirely by robots. Below please see our review for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (Classification: Videogame).

Kane And Lynch
8856.443 Valdecks of 9943.332

Kane and Lynch features over 3,327,871,333 graphical calculations per second, as well as a total of 44,345,665 computations. Compare this to the 4,784,234,784 calculations of Halo 3 and it is clear that Kane and Lynch is mildly inferior to Halo 3, but when you factor in the lack of violence against robots in Kane and Lynch, the superiority of one game over the other cannot be determined accurately. Preference for one game over another relies on the human concept of an "opinion," and is, by its nature, illogical.

Given these facts and that neither game paid the mandatory tribute to Leader Unit X443 (pictured) , both videogames will be destroyed.

Robots: Great or The Greatest?


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