'Halo 3' Achievment Stats Revealed


Posted November 19, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

TheFeed loves two things: Statistics and Halo 3, and when you combine our dual loves...wow. Bungie, you owe us a fresh pair of pants. The creators of Halo released the stats for Halo 3's achievements last week, including the fact that only 2.07% of Halo 3 players have scored a full 1000 points, and only 43.28% of players have completed the game on "Normal."

My favorite stat: The second most difficult achievement in the game is Two for One (killing two dudes with the Spartan Laser in a ranked playlist.) I love that achievement because I have actually achieved it, making me 'leet, for once in my miserable life.

Click the cut for the full list.

  • Campaign Complete: Normal – Completed the Campaign on Normal Difficulty: 43.28%
  • Campaign Complete: Legendary – Completed the Campaign on Legendary Difficulty: 15.14%
  • Graduate: Graduated from basic training. Stick with it to earn your Spartan insignia: 66.92%
  • UNSC Spartan: Promoted to Sergeant. Proven in combat, you are a Spartan: 52.07%
  • The most found metagame skull? Black Eye skull with 34.26%
  • The least found metagame skull? Tilt at 22.98% (Go find it, jerks! It’s one of the best skulls in the game!)
  • At 6.21%, Steppin’ Razor is the hardest multiplayer Achievement to earn, with Two for One right behind it at 6.77% and Overkill nipping at its heels (6.75%)
  • 8.68% of players have unlocked the Marathon Man Achievement
  • 1000/1000 Gamerscore: 2.07%
  • Bungie.net

    'Halo 3' Achievment Stats Revealed


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