GameCock Endorses Colbert


Posted November 7, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

In spite of the fact that no one really asked them, irreverent game company GameCock announced today that it is endorsing Stephen Colbert for president of the United States, even though the TV host isn't actually running for the highest office in the land. They also want you to know that satirical political/animal party game Hail to the Chimp is coming out soon.

“After conducting extensive polling and scrutinizing all the candidates’ stances on various issues, we came to the conclusion that Stephen Colbert has shown strong leadership and best represents the interests of the videogame playing community,” said Gamecock CEO and Grand Champeen Mike Wilson. “Stephen Colbert had Will Wright on his show and he pummeled Nancy Pelosi’s Mii in Wii Boxing."

"He can use the Gamecock office as campaign headquarters,” stated Harry Miller, El Presidente of Gamecock. Miller concluded, "We wish the best for Mr. Colbert, but what do we look like, political strategists?"

TheFeed does not agree with GameCock. We endorse Dennis Kucinich because he has a very hot wife who looks like a wood nymph.  See a picture of the unlikely couple under the break.

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GameCock Endorses Colbert