Mario And Buzz Aldrin In Space!


Posted November 6, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Dr. Buzz Aldrin once actually walked on the actual moon, and now he's helping hype Super Mario Galaxy.

That's Dr. Buzz on the right. He's the second man to ever walk on the freakin' moon, and there he is, in a zero-gravity "vomit comet" airplane, floating around with Mario...or, to be more accurate, an actor in a Mario suit.

Riding a plane that swoops and dives to simulate the effects of zero-gravity must be nerve-racking by itself, but at least Dr. Buzz has done it before, for real, and he was wearing a damn space helmet and not some walk-around plumber suit from an amusement park. Can you imagine how terrified "Mario" must be? What if he pukes in the big fake head?

We hope everyone got paid a little extra for this.

We can't wait for Galaxy. It comes out on Tuesday for the Wii. Here's our early, hands-on impression.

We think the photo is priceless. More photos and exclusive gameplay footage under the cut.

'Super Mario Galaxy' GamePlay »

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Mario And Buzz Aldrin In Space!


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