Urine Stream Racing Game Banned In Belgium


Posted November 5, 2007 - By mbretz

Back in August, when TheFeed reported on the Piss-Screen urine stream-powered racing videogame, we knew that, like many great inventions, scientific breakthroughs, and advancements in Mankind’s yet nascent knowledge of the universe, it would inevitably be met with derision and scorn by a world far too unwilling to evolve and face the strange changes.

Well, it took a few months, but Belgian police have cracked down on this Galileo of the gaming age, banning a version of the game entitled Place To Pee from the GamePower Expo in Gent, Belgium. It seems the Flemish flatfoots consider the game, which allows players to control the direction of their on-screen cars by aiming their streams of liquid waste at a censor placed in a urinal, an “indecency offense.”

The historians at TheFeed are hardly surprised by the setting of this first Piss-Screen protest, occurring as it has in the city of Gent in the Flanders province of Belgium, which is widely known to have been named after Bible-thumping The Simpsons neighbor, Ned Flanders, sometime in the mid-9th century.

Engadget: Urine game banned by killjoy Belgium Police

Urine Stream Racing Game Banned In Belgium


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