Halo Player Punches Mom, Cops


Posted November 2, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

A Halo-loving juvenile delinquent is in trouble in Florida for smacking his mother, then fighting with police officers.

The hilarious story began when the unnamed kid's mom was like, "Stop playing Halo 3!" When sonny refused to turn off the game, his parents said they took the "air card" out of his 360 so he couldn’t play anymore. (We don't know what an air card is either, but we want one.)

He responded by laying a mêlée attack on moms, then locked himself in his room. His parents called the local constable. Entreaties to open the bedroom door were met with profanity, so the deputy boosted the door with a spare key.

Unhappy at being disturbed by the 5-0, the child attacked them, punching officer Sean Harnage in the mouth. He was promptly handcuffed and hauled off to the police station's juvenile beating room.

If convicted, the kid may go to juvenile hall for domestic abuse. We imagine he'll be very popular there.

Everyone concerned is presumably embarrassed by their 15 minutes of internet fame.

TCPalm: Halo 3 player punches mother after video game is taken away in Indian River County

Halo Player Punches Mom, Cops


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