The MMO Report: Friday, October 26th


Posted October 26, 2007 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

This week's MMO Report contains some required viewing. Let me explain...

See, we did a story about an episode of Judge Judy, not even thinking that you have to get signed permission to use footage from the show. And truthfully, after filming this week's episode, we realized that Miss Judy would never give us permission to use the footage after all the awful things we said about her. I won't ruin the surprise, but I do suggest you watch this video before you watch the episode below.

Sorry about the homework, but we enjoy challenging the part of your brain that helps you multi-task and retain memory. So prepare your mind for a new episode of...

The MMO Report


The MMO Report: Friday, October 26th »


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The MMO Report: Friday, October 26th


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