Analyst: 'skate' Has Better Controls Than Wii


Posted October 23, 2007 - By bleahy

Clive Thompson claims that EA's skate has better controls than the Wii. Some of us here at TheFeed completely agree.

It's no secret that we love skate, but the main reason is that it emulates skating perfectly on a controller.

Clive notes that:

"I'm beginning to think that the hoopla over the Wii is a bit misplaced. Because I've been playing Skate, a skateboarding game that seriously rethinks the way you use a controller -- and I think it produces results that are not only better than the average controller, but better than a Wii."

The innovative Flickit control scheme adds so much to the game while remaining intuitive. It also rewards the player for actually learning how to utilize the controls instead of just learning new buttons to mash.

Move for move, we find that skate's controls more accurately mirror the real-life action than anything released on the Wii thus far.

"Which brings us to the Wii. Sure, Nintendo's beloved console aims at capturing this sort of natural feel in its movements. But the truth is that it often fails, because it winds up being artificial, too. In The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, you swing the Wiimote back and forth to "slash" your sword -- but your physical movements do not really resemble what happens on screen at all. You can't really control the angle of your sword's attack, for example."

If you haven't tried skate, do yourself a favor and check out the demo on PSN or XBL. It's got a learning curve, but once you figure it out, you'll be pulling off some awesome moves.

Wired: Smooth Moves: In Defense of Really Elegant Button-Mashing

Analyst: 'skate' Has Better Controls Than Wii


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