Simpsons Game Changes GTA Level


Posted October 23, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Earlier we reported that Rockstar games asked that a Simpsons Game poster shown at the Leipzig Game Show be taken down. The poster (at right) reads "Grand Theft Scratchy Blood Island," and was apparently a little too close to GTA's logo for their legal department's comfort. At the time, we assumed  that it was an isolated incident instead of an organized campaign from Rockstar. But it seems we were wrong.

The Simpson's game trailer for a level once called "Grand Theft Scratchy" (which is awesome) is now called "Mob Rules" (which is lame.) We assume RockStar asked felt that the name was too close to Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto and let The Simpsons know...if so:

Hey, Rockstar, we understand your need to protect your trademarks, but why not lighten up? For a company so often asked to alter, water-down and censor their content, don't you think an innocent (and borderline hilarious) parody should be left alone? You know, artistic freedom and all that? Plus, we seem to remember that GTA parodies a lot of stuff.

1up: Simpsons Abandons 'Grand Theft Scratchy'

Simpsons Game Changes GTA Level


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