Tech Review: SanDisk Sansa Connect MP3


Posted October 22, 2007 - By bleahy

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SanDisk Sansa Connect Wi-Fi MP3 Player

Available: Now
Price: $149.99 MSRP

Need a new MP3 player with some extras you won’t find on the iPod? SanDisk has something that could keep you rocking out.


  • Internet Radio
  • Download Music On-The-Go
  • Expandable MicroSD Slot
  • Decent Interface


  • Dependance on Wi-Fi
  • Trouble with Some Networks/Downloading
  • Yahoo! Music Selection
  • Short Battery Life Using Wi-Fi


First and foremost, if you don’t find yourself with access to Wi-Fi in at least some of the places you’d be using this we can’t recommend this product to you. The device’s main draw is its Wi-Fi features, but its also the Connect’s main downside. If you aren’t in regular contact with a Wi-Fi network, you won’t be able to enjoy most of the features.

If you are going to be using this device primarily in coffee shops, the office, or a college campus, then you’ll get access to some great features not available on most MP3 players. The Internet radio is great and will even let you download songs or albums after you hear them.

The built-in 4GB of storage is expandable with a MicroSD card, which should appease those of you with more than 4GB of music. If you only need 4GB, the price point is low. Throw in the Wi-Fi features and this becomes a good value.

The player will play any non-DRM tracks and DRM tracks purchased or downloaded from Yahoo! Music using their subscription plan, which is a necessity with this device. Unfortunately, their service is has a limited selection when compared with iTunes and we ran into a lot of problems with downloading songs. Quality is fine, but don’t expect lossless tracks.

On the device itself, we had issues connecting to some Wi-Fi networks. We couldn’t connect at all to an unsecured network we were running on an Apple Airport Extreme. It faired better on a Linksys router, but would often drop the connection or fail to download tracks. The Connect seems to have issues with queuing up a large amount of music for download.

We aren’t really sure where people are finding all of these Wi-Fi networks to keep in constant contact with, but if you happen to have that access, this could be something for you to check out. We’d wait for the next revision, though.

Tech Review: SanDisk Sansa Connect MP3


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