Churches Using 'Halo 3'


Posted October 8, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Halo 3 brings us closer to God. We're always screaming, "Jesus, I can't believe that noob blowed me up," and "Oh, God, not another jerk with a gravity hammer," but now according to the New York Times, legitimate churches all over the country are following the lead of TheFeed's sinister Satanic coven and using Halo 3 to lure impressionable young people in to teach 'em about about the Big Baby J.

Never mind that Halo 3 doesn't involve turning the other cheek toward enemies, it's rated M, and the irony of the fact that the game's enemies are religious zealots from outer space; all that doesn't matter when it comes to getting butts in the pews. John Robison, a pastor at an Albuquerque church, said "We’re using it as a tool to be relatable and relevant."

So clean-cut young people are packing church basements and spending hours virtually slaughtering each other with bazookas, then, afterward, listening to the good word about the Prince of Peace. It's all very Christian.

Critics point out that Halo 3 glamorizes killing, and God was pretty clear about his feelings on the matter. TheFeed, though, thinks churches picking up Halo 3 is a good thing; we find it hard to believe anyone could use one form of mature art like an M-Rated videogame to gain converts and then condemn other kinds of mature art, like violent movies and other videogames. No one could be that hypocritical, right?

Also, why not lure kids with the Left Behind videogame? Oh, yeah, because it sucks.

New York Times: Thou Shalt Not Kill, Except in a Popular Video Game at Church

Churches Using 'Halo 3'


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