NBC Universal CEO Hates Piracy. A Lot.


Posted October 5, 2007 - By bleahy

NBC Universal's CEO Jeff Zucker hates piracy. He's like the East India Trading Company.

Apparently, piracy is costing companies around $58 billion a year. His solution? Throw more money at it!

Where has this strategy worked before? The war on drugs went splendidly and drugs are a thing of the past. All by spending money on the problem. Wait, no it didn't.

Of course, if the RIAA keeps suing people for a gazillion dollars for downloading 20 songs, maybe piracy will end after the RIAA and MPAA have most of the worlds money.

Then the RIAA and MPAA will raise their own armies and attempt to take over the world to protect their content.

OMG! We just figured out the plot to Metal Gear Solid 4!

ArsTechnica: NBCU's CEO: Piracy is the new face of economic crime, and we're losing

NBC Universal CEO Hates Piracy. A Lot.


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