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Posted October 4, 2007 - By bleahy

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Alienware m9750 Gaming Laptop
Available: Now
Price: From $1,799.99
Configured: $3,958.00

Do you attend LAN parties every weekend or constantly find yourself yearning for PC gaming on the go? Alienware has a high-end laptop that could be the setup you need.


  • Dual Video Cards in SLI on a Laptop!
  • Dual Core + Real Video Cards = Great Game Performance
  • 7.1 HD Audio Card Hooks Up to Real Speakers
  • OS Install is Very Clean


  • No DX10 Support. Ever.
  • Battery Life is Non-Existent
  • Extremely Heavy

First things first, this is not a laptop. I mean, it’s technically a laptop, but you won’t want to drag thing monster around that much. It’s heavy and gets very poor battery life. You’ll want to keep this plugged in at all times. To give you an idea of how much power it uses, the power supply is almost as big as the Xbox 360 brick and uses a universal power cord to plug into the wall.

However, all that power usage and weight is there for a reason. This thing is stuffed to the rafters with hardware. A dual core processor and two (!) video cards in a SLI setup means that you’ll get desktop-like game performance. The only downside is the lack of DX10 support because the 8000 series of GeForce cards aren’t out just yet; however expect Alienware to offer those as soon as they are available.

Game performance is exceptional and it will crank out over 60fps on recent games like Supreme Commander, Company of Heroes, BioShock, and Quake Wars: Enemy Territory. The full-size keyboard with a USB mouse is extremely usable for games, but steer clear of the touchpad for anything faster paced than Civilization IV.

The other major point is that this machine has a real audio card. You’ll be able to hook up a 7.1 surround system and get some real audio to match your real games. It even supports optical audio.

The 17” laptop has an incredible native resolution of 1920x1200 on a WUXGA screen. It looks beautiful. If you splurge for the optional Blu-Ray drive you’ll definitely have a nice display for a 1080p movie.

The optional coaxial cable turns this laptop into a DVR using Windows Media Center and the S-Video input can be used to hookup a console or other device. This is a great laptop to use for video editing, but make sure you’ve got an AC hookup.

A lot of praise should also be given to Alienware for not installing a bunch of useless extra programs that just take up resources and require removal. Kudos.

Gaming laptops like this are not really laptops, but portable desktops. If you find yourself gaming over friend’s houses or don’t have enough room in your dorm for a desktop, this is a good buy. If you care about DX10, do yourself a favor, and wait until they roll out the GeForce 8’s in laptops. This is going to run you a lot of money, but building your own laptop is extremely hard. If you’ve got the money, go for it.


Intel Core 2 Duo Processor @ 2.4GHz

2GB (Up to 4GB) DDR2 667MHz SDRAM
17” WUXGA Widescreen Display (1920x1200)
2 x 512MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 7950 GTX GDDR3 in SLI
Optional Blu-Ray Drive
Up to 640GB Hard Drive Raid Array

3DMark06 Scores

Overall: 8460
SM 2.0: 3743
HDR/SM 3.0: 3979
CPU Score: 1991

This laptop's older brother, our Alienware ALX Gaming Rig, scores the following, but remember that’s a Quad Core / Dual 8800 Ultra system.

Overall: 15856
SM 2.0: 6366
HDR/SM 3.0: 7323
CPU Score: 4480

And here's what Kevin thought:


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Tech Review: Alienware m9750 Laptop


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