LAPD Fighting Crime With Lasers!


Posted September 30, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

High speed chases with cops and robbers may make for great TV, but the dangerous activity puts lives and property in danger, and sometimes the bad guy gets away. The

Taking a page from Star Wars, Terminator, Logan’s Run and other sci-fi flicks, the LAPD is using a new system called the StarChase Pursuit Management System to help catch suspects without putting the officer’s lives in danger.

The device is mounted on the front of the police cruiser, and uses a laser target to help with aim. When the cops have a suspect in range, they simply fire a projectile at the fleeing vehicle. Once the small GPS device, battery, and cellular radio are attached to the vehicle, the fuzz can track the criminal without having to follow them to stay in sight. This will also help to keep innocent pedestrians from harm’s way.

You know who else used a technology sorta like this? Tom Selleck in Runaway (pictured above)! Except they were little robot spiders. So when the LAPD starts using little, laser-shooting, crime-tracking spiders…THEN I’ll be impressed!

Autoblog.com: LAPD uses GPS projectile to chase crooks

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LAPD Fighting Crime With Lasers!


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