iPhone 1.1.1 Report: What Done Broke?


Posted September 28, 2007 - By bleahy

The iPhone 1.1.1 update was released yesterday and it hit some users like a pile of bricks. Get it?!

It appears that most users that were using unlocked phones have shiny new bricks. There are some ways around it involving re-activation with a brand new AT&T SIM card.

However, the biggest problem TheFeed has with the new 1.1.1 update is the fact that Apple has disabled custom ringtones for the moment.

Let's examine the idea of ringtones here.

Ringtones just used to be midi files that people made and shared, but now it's a huge business, but why are we paying for them?

Say I go out and buy Chamillionaire's Ultimate Victory album and I want to use 30 seconds of Hip Hop Police as my ringtone. I've already purchased the album, imported the tracks into iTunes and put them on my iPhone.

I can't use it as a ringtone without coughing up $2 to Apple for the "right" to use it as a ringtone. Hold up... that sounds like a scam.

Do you have the right to listen to a random 30 seconds of a track while driving in your car? Sure you do, don't be silly.

Do you have the right to listen to the same 30 seconds of a track on your iPod? Of course! Why wouldn't you?

Do you have the right to listen to the same $!@*ing 30 seconds of a track when someone calls you? NO!

Ringtone rights are a complete fabrication and everyone needs to complain to Apple, AT&T,  Verizon and all the other providers right now.

In other news, the WiFi Music Store is pretty cool.

 ArsTechnica: What does and doesn't work with iPhone 1.1.1 (Updated 9x, now with more bricking but custom ringtones)

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iPhone 1.1.1 Report: What Done Broke?


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