'Halo 3' Impressions


Posted September 24, 2007 - By juster

TheFeed was amongst the lucky early-Halo-players over the weekend, and while we'll leave the full review up to Adam and Morgan (airing tonight on G4 in the Halo 3 Countdown coverage live starting at 7PM ET), we thought you might like to hear what we had to say about the game so far...

We're going to present these impressions in a randomly sorted bullet point list.  Because we can.  Deal.

  • Let's just get this out of the way..... Halo 3 is awesome, worth the wait and well worth the $60. Its by far and away the best Halo game to date. But Halo 3 isn't the second coming. Its not the best game you'll ever play (though you could definately make the argument that its the best multiplayer game of all time, certainly of any console game).
  • There's no way this game could ever live up to expectations. It could come with free gold bricks and there'd still be someone out there claiming to be disappointed. Because the internet is for whining.  And porn.


  • Bioshock and Gears looked better at first glance, but when you watch a saved film and spin the camera around to see a single bullet pierce your armor or marvel at the beauty of an explosion, you'll start to wonder if your first thoughts were even accurate. But we're at a point with this generation of games that a game that plays better is king.  And Halo knows firsthand that its good to be the king.



  • Bone-up on your Halo 1 and 2 storylines, because there's next to no "story so far" cutscenes in this game.  If Halo 3 has a failing, this is it... making the assumption that everyone remembers the somewhat complex storyline from the first two games was a mistake.  Honestly though, not knowing what's going on doesn't keep you from enjoying the game.  This isn't Final Fantasy, so the plot isn't really your motivation for continuing through the game.  You'll keep going for the sheer joy of shooting aliens in the crotch. God Bless America.
  • Co-op campaign mode is EPIC.  Lots and lots of fun, much more so than playing alone.  And if you're anything like TheFeed, you generally don't play well with others... so this is saying something.  Our suggestion is to first play through on co-op campaign set to Legendary, then go back and play it alone (on Heroic).  But most of you will probably just ignore us and play multiplayer for 12 hours straight before doing anything else.  And unless you're fairly decent at the game, you may want to start (solo) on Normal. They've ramped the difficulty up a fair amount here.
  • Matchmaking wasn't turned on over the weekend, so we'll all wait and see what's new there together. It'll be fun.


  • The Forge is very interesting, and will be used by people more patient than us to make some really interesting and awesome gaming experiences. We took turns with Pereira dropping Scorpion Tanks on eachother's heads and filled the ocean up with parking cones and forklifts. That's pretty much how we roll. You'll (hopefully) make better use out of this feature.
  • The Saved Films feature is incredible. The game will record your entire campaign playthrough, which can later be viewed (over Xbox Live with friends watching) in the Theater. You can't rewind a campaign movie, but you can fly anywhere. For multiplayer matches, you are allowed to rewind, but it will skip back by a few seconds instead of a clean rewind. It's a bit annoying, but you get used to. As for making videos to share on Bungie.net, the tools are less featured than something like Skate, but ultimately more powerful because you can go into anyone's viewpoint and move the camera however you want. You may just find yourself watching entire matches as soon as you finish them. It's THAT cool.
  • Sharing films is smooth and extremely well integrated into the game. Downloaded clips also give the viewer the full freedom of movement, but will default to what the player shot when making the clip. Bungie spotlights certain clips and there will be no shortage of awesome or hilarious clips available for download.

That's all for now.  Fire off any questions in the comments and we'll answer them throughout the day.  Watch all the coverage tonight for more, starting at 7PM ET (with AOTS). 

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'Halo 3' Impressions


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