TGS: Kojima Spills On 'Metal Gear 4'


Posted September 24, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Genius game creator Hideo Kojima dropped important word on Metal Gear Solid 4 over the weekend at the Tokyo Game Show in the form of in-depth booklet given out to the faithful at Konami's booth.

Along with much discussion of the game's storyline, Kajima gave some good news and some bad news.

  • The good news: Metal Gear Online will be included with Metal Gear Solid 4. "We often get asked whether Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Solid Online will be sold separately," said Kojima. "Metal Gear Solid Online will be included in Metal Gear Solid 4, in the form of a 'Starter Pack.' Once the service launches, it'll keep on going with additional new stages, new rules, and so on. So in the end, MGSO will outlast MGS4."
  • This is really and truly the last appearance of Solid Snake ever. . "Solid Snake's story is really going to end in MGS4," explained Kojima in the booklet. "Using cloning [as a plot device] was really cheating. I wouldn't be working on [MGS4] if I thought there was a sequel…" That doesn't mean there won't be any more Metal Gear games, however. "As long as there's a game called MGS5 and it's a game where you sneak around, it doesn't have to be Solid Snake, right? I'd like that to be created by the younger developers," he said. "To put it another way, Solid Snake is one character that I don't want to entrust to other people."

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GameSpot: TGS '07: Kojima speaks

TGS: Kojima Spills On 'Metal Gear 4'


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