'Lost Odyssey' Will Be on 4 DVDs


Posted September 21, 2007 - By bleahy

Hold onto your hats, 360 fans. You're about to be flamed by Sony fanboys. It turns out that Mistwalker's upcoming RPG, Lost Odyssey, will require 4 DVDs on the 360.

Now, while this may seem like a clear victory for Blu-Ray, we here at TheFeed agree with our buddies at Destructoid about swapping discs. It ain't that bad.

Remember playing all those Final Fantasy games on the PSX? They were 3-4 discs and no one had any problem swapping discs. It didn't happen all the time and the game could usually boot from each disc.

The real meaning of this story is that Lost Odyssey will be a LONG game. Hironobu Sakaguchi puts the game at about 40-50 hours. This is great news for gamers that want a good RPG to sink their teeth into.

This is evidence that Blu-Ray isn't necessary for a long game with stunning visuals. You'll just have to get up off your couch 3 times while you're playing it.

Sure, if this was released on the PS3, you could sit yourself down for 40 hours straight and play the game without having to use any muscles, but then you'd have a whole mess of other problems.

Before you Sony guys start flaming the DVD format in the 360 just yet, you might want to wait until a game fills a Blu-Ray that lasts longer than 6 hours.

We're looking at you, Ninja Theory. Don't brag about filling the entire Blu-Ray disc with 6 hours of gameplay. It was a really fun movie game, but it certainly didn't feel like 25 gigs of movie game.

Destructoid.com: Lost Odyssey will stretch over four DVDs. Sony fans will love that

'Lost Odyssey' Will Be on 4 DVDs