Rock Band 360 to have Wired Guitars


Posted September 11, 2007 - By Joe Paulding

Shed a tear Xbox 360 owners, as the bundled guitars in the Xbox 360's version of Rock Band will not be wireless. Yes, while your friends are beating on the drum kit or screaming into the mic, you won't be able to dive off of your couch into a pile of empty pizza boxes and spent soda cans while rocking out to "Blitzkrieg Bop."

The news comes from Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos via the OXM podcast, reasoning that Microsoft's proprietary wireless technology is too expensive. With worry that the additional cost would slow sales of the already high priced bundle, Rock Band's makers decided instead to use traditional wires. We tend to disagree with this decision, as you can't put a price on freedom of movement when you're rocking out. 

This news is a blow to the Rock Band for the 360, as the game will have wireless guitars on the Playstation 3, and Guitar Hero III will be available with wireless axes on all next-gen platforms. Hopefully for 360 owners, Harmonix and Microsoft will be able to work out a deal in the future.

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Rock Band 360 to have Wired Guitars