'They' Are Coming...


Posted September 4, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

THEY Trailer »

This morning, TheFeed's heavily fortified compound was besieged with information about THEY, a first person shooter being developed by Polish videogame company Metropolis. Check out the trailer above.

Ordinarily, we wouldn't be too interested in another FPS where we kill aliens, plus Metropolis's last outing, Infernal, got middling reviews at best (and that's from the usually fawning fanboys who write videogame criticism) but something about THEY's press material's enthusiasm and partial command of the English language warmed what's left of our hearts. It's like the old-days of gaming, before multi-million dollar corporations made everything in videogames super-slick. Plus, the title is all-caps and that makes us TAKE NOTICE.

We're psyched to buy THEY when/if it comes out sometime in 2009.  The platforms scheduled are PC and "nexgen" systems, so it might be a long wait. Until that glorious, glorious day, please click the cut for a treasure trove of unedited Pinglish... which is like "Engrish" but from Poland.

Also, the game's trailer and a photo-gallery are yours to enjoy.  GO, THEY!

Game Description:
Unique features

Unique and cool looking robots, tripods, probe droids and stuff!

THEY are very dangerous and cool looking - with tentacles, claws and so on!

Great new nextgen techniques to create an impressive look based on latest Dx10 3D engine technology. The so-called NextNitrous engine will be used to create Hollywood like effects, (e.g. transparent look of “THEY” with glows and shine effects)

Unique Weapon system – we will have a cool basic weapon, which is the standard weapon of a soldier in the future. It is an extremely flexible gun, which can be customized by its user on HIS special demands and preferences. This means the weapon is YOURS – it is YOUR baby and YOUR best friend and there are several ways to tune functionality and enhance the look and feel…

You will have a basic weapon with four upgrade slots, which can be individualized on demand to attach the tool and segment of your choice. There are hundreds of updates, modules, upgrades and stuff for YOUR baby to customize it on your own. So the player can create setups and save them to his used 1-0 slots (PC) or defined slots for the consoles – so you could switch between like each player is familiar with in common FPS games.

We go even one step further, as each player can edit his weapon with own skins, so your baby could be really individualized with camouflage, tattoo like tribals, skulls – even the picture of your girlfriend might be attached on the skin of the weapon, if it would exist in the game.


1) THEY sounds like a movie title or the title of a book. Aren’t you afraid of gamers’ reaction?
Why should we be afraid of reactions? It is quite usual that the community discusses nearly every title, some will like it and some will not. But our vision of a game is something mysterious, where such a title fits inperfectly. Everybody wants to know what THEY are, what THEY do, where THEY come from – but all about them will be quite unclear in the beginning. So this will be pure fun for each player, like watching a mystery series such as Lost or Heroes. He might know what happens next, but he cannot be sure – and this is what we want to transport in THEY to each gamer!

2) You are neither developer nor publisher – what is your joint venture?
The joint venture of IMC and Metropolis is something completely new and revolutionary for the interactive entertainment industry. So far developers produced their games up to some special point, where publishers switched in and bought the games. From this moment on in most cases the products are developed following guidelines of publishers. With IMC as an experienced service provider and Metropolis as a successful developer with a big track record two companies decided to work together, to produce a game right from the scratch in order to meet gamers’ demands and expectation.

3) You announced a unique weapon feature, where you are able to upgrade a flexible weapon to your individual needs. Can you tell us a bit more about that?
Without naming so many things of the weapon yet, you might think of a soldier in every war. He only wears some few weapons – mostly knife, gun and maybe pistol. Common FPS games are really unrealistic in that point of view, that a soldier is really able to wear 10 more or less heavy guns at the same time (or he must be HULK to carry them all). In THEY you will have this one weapon, where you identify yourself with, which you can customize and enhance it based on YOUR needs and preferences! You will be able to store setups, so you have the expected control system with keys 1-0 to have access to different types of weapon setups – but it still will be YOUR buddy, YOUR best friend, YOUR WEAPON. The appearance will change dramatically, but you are still able to identify yourself with the weapon. So what we will bring to the genre is some more realistic and believable approach in sort of weapon handling. The fear of players, to have only one gun can be easily refuted, as you have hundreds of combinations which you can store and customize at your own discretion – to create YOUR perfect weapon setup, store it to the expected keys 1-0 and have access to them at all time! So each player will have the weapons of HIS choice, a large variation to be used based on needed functions (gameplay relevant decision!) and need not to get along with standard weapons – this is something unique and new to the genre and will grant more freedom for each player!  On the other hand, if someone WANTS’ his standard “pumpgun/rifle/Ak47” feeling, he is able to create that…but when he will figure out the fun and possibilities from our new weapon system he will get used to it soon.

4) What kind of world is THEY set in, and does it have anything in common with our world? Are there any parallels between the events of THEY and events in our time?
Yes there will be parallels or even possible results based on current happenings, if you think of terrorism for example. The locations of the game will be very familiar to all players, as we are looking forward to let the main plot happen in well-known cities. Overall the world of THEY is not in a complete fictional future, as it is in a very close future (around 2012) – so things will not change so soon so dramatically. You will see known landmarks, buildings, streets, names etc. as it might be in the present – only here and there are elements, which will indicate a technical enhanced future.

5) Why have you decided to develop your own engine?
 The answer is simple – money, time and quality! Common engines are expensive to license or do not fit the requirements we need for our vision of a game. Additional to that a development team with a licensed engine needs several weeks/months to get experienced with the abilities of an engine, where nobody has been involved into the development. This will cause a later release date and financial costs. But if you have already built an engine on your own and are able to enhance it based on latest technology issues and market demands, you will be very flexible and creative in your games production as you are not bound and free to decide the technical areas you need the most for your desired gaming experience …

6) Does the world need another science fiction first person shooter?
This is a question, where nearly every player would answer in a different way, as it is a matter of taste – the same with WWII Shooters. But as THEY is not only a Sci-Fi shooter, it’s a nexgen mystery FPS, so THEY will be different from a “just another Sci-Fi shooter” image. If you like to compare, it is best to think about the scripting and atmosphere of FEAR, where Monolith did a great job, transferred into another story and moved away from horror to mystery. Of course Sci-Fi (and WWII) scenarios are very common, but on the other hand these are successful! Why should any team invent the wheel in a new way, if the current one is still up and running?

 Setting / Story
THEY is a Mystery-first-person-shooter, which means the storyline and the gameplay utilizes the fascination and fear every player get from unknown things he could not understand or imagine in the beginning. So THEY tries to get away from standard boring storylines of shooters, which normally could be rather more ignored, but will bring to the genre a storyline driven shooter!

The game is set in a near future scenario (2012), where the (yet not unveiled) main character is a soldier of an English army squadron, which was nearly wiped out. Our hero and one of his best friends from the squad – a pilot – are the only survivors from a devastating fight against some strange robots which are close to take over the whole country of England. These robots raised from nothing almost one day to another and a simultaneous attack on the key points and sources of the country proven, that the enemy is well organized and structured.

What the hero at the beginning does NOT know is the fact, that these robots are only the top of an iceberg, which goes much deeper. In fact the robots are more or less “tools” THEY use, which cannot bee seen by average humans. But during the game – without naming now how – the player will get the ability to be aware of them and as well to fight them! What will happen during the storyline with some nice turns, twists and fights in England we will not unveil at the current point stage because it is a mystery first person shooter, so we will keep things hidden as long as we can. :)

We love you, THEY!

'They' Are Coming...


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