PC, 360 Version Of 'Haze' Dropped


Posted August 31, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

We're eagerly awaiting the release of first-person-shooter Haze, but it looks like we'll be playing on the PlayStation 3 by default: Although it was originally planned as a multi-platform game, Ubisoft told GameSpot that First Radical's Haze is now being planned solely for Sony's PlayStation 3 platform.

We talked to Haze's screenwriter, Rob Yescombe and the project lead Derek Littlewood, a few weeks ago while the game was still cross-platform, and got the following info:

TheFeed: If I want the best experience of playing your game, do I play it on the 360 or the PS3?

(Laughter) Hello? The phone is breaking up...That's absolutely not a question we can answer.

I understand, but will there be any differences between the two versions or are they going to be pretty much the same?

DL: We're not actually allowed, er...able to talk about the different versions at the moment --

RY: except the version on the Atari Lynx...

The Atari Lynx is the one to go with?

Yeah, the Atari Lynx all the way.

Read the full interview here. The game comes out sometime in November.

PC, 360 Version Of 'Haze' Dropped


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