Car Wars: China Stars Up With U.S.


Posted August 23, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Those bastard Chinese and their incredible brains and know-how….for years their cookie wisdom has taunted me... for years they have taken American products and copied them…sometimes even bettering them…though usually not. But this is the last straw!

The Chinese auto industry has copied the most American of all American autos, the Humvee.

The Humvee is derived from U.S. military urban assault vehicles so rich white people who would never even consider enlisting in the military or going near a war can feel powerful and better than others. The rush of driving a Humvee is second only to killing a foreigner, for crying out loud!

China's Dongfeng automakers even had the balls to call theirs the “Crazy Soldier.”

The Crazy Solider? Are you guys f----in’ NUTS! We have started WARS for less atrocities! Maaaan, George Bush is gonna fry your ass for this!!!!

Autoblog.com: Chinese release copycat Humvee

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Car Wars: China Stars Up With U.S.


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