Tech Review: Kodak EASYSHARE G610 Photo Printer


Posted August 20, 2007 - By bleahy

TheFeed gets to play around with all the cool new gadgets and tell you what to think about them. Here’s the scoop on the EASYSHARE G610 Printer Dock and from Kodak.

Kodak EASYSHARE G610 Printer Dock
Price: $99.95 MSRP

So you just got a digital camera, but you like to feel things and not just look at them. You want to print out your photos so you can make a shiny scrapbook and take it to tea parties. Why not try out this Kodak Photo Printer and get hands on?


• Prints Very Quickly
• Photos Come Out Dry
• High Quality
• Photo Paper Kit Includes Ink


• Ink and Paper Still Get Expensive
• Dock Features Do Not Work With Non-Kodak Cameras

This printer is aces, with some added functionality with Kodak EASYSHARE Digital Cameras. I reviewed the C613 from Kodak last week, but didn’t really like it. That being said, this printer is a good buy for any digital camera user that wants print-outs.

The printer can be purchased in a bundle with the camera as well as separately. Paper will run about $60 per 200 sheets, but the kit includes the ink for the printer. Not having to buy separate ink cartridges is a bonus, but it can still get costly over time.

This unit is fast and will crank out a photo in about 60 seconds. The ink comes out dry and the photo looks really good. It’s surprising how much of the image quality is preserved especially when looking at the price for this printer. I had a few co-workers watch photos print and they were all similarly amazed at the speed and quality of the print outs.

I did notice some weird coloration when printing out photos with the sky in them. These imperfections almost look like juice stains, which was odd because I wasn’t drinking any juice while printing photos.

The unit connects to the computer like any other printer and comes with drivers, which will let users print any digital photos, not just Kodak photos. It will not, however, dock with other cameras. It would have been nice to have a card reader into the unit, but Kodak is pushing their EASYSHARE system so this isn’t something to be expected.

To wrap it up, this printer is a really great buy for those who actually want to touch and hold their digital photos. The price point is ideal and the fact that the photo print kit includes the ink leads me to recommend this product.

Tech Review: Kodak EASYSHARE G610 Photo Printer


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