EA Concentrates On 360 Over PS3?


Posted August 20, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Have you ever wondered why the 360 version of so many  games are scheduled to come out weeks (or months) before the PlayStation 3 versions? New York Times writer Matt Richtel did too, and tracked down the answer.

While many analysts said the release date discrepancies are about the difficulty of developing on a brand new platform, EA cited a different reason. Richtel spoke to Jeff Brown, EA's spokesman, who said that, as EA gets close to completing games, it sometimes must focus its resources on the version for one particular console, because manpower resources are limited.

Brown said it makes financial sense to focus on finishing the games for the Xbox 360 first because there are more 360s in the market than PS3s. More consoles means more potential sales for EA. Which means more money, and that's the name of the game after all.

Last console round, if you can remember that far back, saw pretty much the opposite dynamic, where Xbox games came out later than PS2 games because of the number of PS2 consoles in homes.

New York Times.com: Sony v. Microsoft (With Helmets): The Sequel

EA Concentrates On 360 Over PS3?


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