Barry Bonds Hits 756th Home Run


Posted August 8, 2007 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Barry Bonds finally broke Hank Aaron's home run record last night, by hitting his career 756th home run in the 5th Inning of a game with the Washington Nationals. You'll notice that TheFeed doesn't cover sports very often, but we felt like this record, perhaps the biggest one in all of sports, was worth mentioning.

Neither the commissioner of baseball, Bud Selig, nor Aaron himself were there, though Hammerin' Hank did send a message which was broadcast on the Jumbotron after the event. Willie Mays was there to run out onto the field, and Bonds made an emotional speech about it right after it happened.

As you will no doubt know, Bonds' record is in dispute, as it has been widely alleged that he used performance enhancing drugs to help him achieve it. There is no proof, though Bonds' trainer is currently in jail for having used steroids with many of his clients. For this reason, many people in the sports world think that Bonds' record should come with an asterisk, noting those accusations.

We here at TheFeed are of two minds on the subject. First off, if Bonds was using performance enhancers, then so were the pitchers he faced. You can bet on it. Babe Ruth wouldn't have been able to get a single off of Randy Johnson's 101 MPH fastball, let alone take him deep, which is why it's almost critically unfair to compare eras.

In addition, no amount of steroids on Earth can make your bat speed better, your vision more acute, or your baseball intelligence work more efficiently. If you can pick up the location of a pitch from the pitcher's hand position, that's brains, not brawn.

Still, if he did the juice, it doesn't look good for the sport, and Barry has never been the most affable creature on Earth, frequently performing like a douche with fans and media. So, you reap what you sow. If he were a nicer guy, say, Sammy Sosa, people wouldn't care quite so much.

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Barry Bonds Hits 756th Home Run


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