Halo 3 Co-op: DOs and DON'Ts


Posted August 7, 2007 - By jmanalang

Rejoice brethrens! For in July 31, Bungie announced thy coming of thou Messiah! Well, not really but they confirmed the four player online co-op mode for Halo 3 landing this September. Our palms are sweating and we are constantly counting down the minutes till we finally get our greedy hands on it. But, as we all know, the realm of online play has its share of anonymous, annoying, immature #@#$ers who just wants to spoil your online fun time.

So the folks over at Gamernode.com posted a few ‘Dos and Don’ts’ to keep in mind when logging on Xbox Live with Halo 3. Here are a couple of them on the list:

  • Do: Forget about loved ones on launch day - When September 25 rolls around you don’t want to be playing with your friends and be the douche bag who makes everyone interrupt gameplay because your girlfriend wants to engage in some completely unnecessary conversation about how her day went. Your friends don’t care, and let’s be honest, you probably don’t care either, so spare everyone that awkward moment and let her know in advance that you’re going to bed early.
  • Don’t: Make other plans - You’re a gamer. You should have nothing planned for this day. Bail, and forever lose cool points, not to mention look like a penis in front of your friends and likely have the ending ruined for you.

Sad and pathetic, but for us, it is necessary! We made some Dos and Donts of our own as well. Check them out after the jump and make sure to add your own! (But make sure you don’t sound like an anonymous, annoying, immature #@#$er):

  • Do: Honor thy neighbor while capping thy enemies. Be courteous to thee and share thou ammunition…so both shall commence thy capping.
  • Don’t: Melee thou neighbors from behind, and laugh at thee as they lay unconscious from the floor.
  • Do: Aim carefully when wielding a rocket launcher
  • Don’t: Aim directly at a teammate while wielding a rocket launcher and fire it…actually, that would be really funny. Do it.
  • Do: Keep a mini fridge beside you for easy access snacking
  • Don’t: Keep a bedpan beside you. That would be really vile and disgusting. Get up.
  • Do: Tea bag your enemies
  • Do: Tea bag your friends
Halo 3 Co-op: DOs and DON'Ts


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