A Note To TheFeed Readers


Posted July 31, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

First off, we’d like to thank all our commenters for their contribution to the site. You guys rock. But (and we have a big but) we’ve been noticing a lack of civility on TheFeed’s message boards lately.

Put simply, some people are being all jerky.

Rampant jerkiness makes TheFeed a less-fun place for everyone.

While we value an open forum for our readers, this new undercurrent of jerkiness is forcing us to put our foot down a bit and establish some rules.

1)      The most important rule of TheFeed: Don’t be a jerk. Please take a moment to monitor your words before you push that “post” button. Ask yourself: “Am I being jerky here?” If the answer is “yes” or even “kinda,” don’t post it. Do something else instead. Go ride your bike or something. We encourage strong opinions, attempts at comedy (even if they’re not funny) and physical descriptions of your girlfriend, so there’s no need to feel stifled. You just shouldn’t be a jerk.

2)      If you really, honestly need “jerky” defined for you, here’s as close as we can come: Racist and profane statements will be deleted/edited at our discretion. Personal attacks on other users aren’t cool and will be deleted.

3)      Try to have some kind of point for your posts. Instead of: “OMG! (INSERT GAME SYSTEM) Sucks!”  Try: “I find the lack of graphical power in the (INSERT GAME SYSTEM) makes most next-gen titles look too muddy and jaggity. I prefer (OTHER GAME SYSTEM).

4)      If you break these rules, we will warn you once. Then we will ban you.  We don’t want to ban you. We like you. But we will ban you, rest assured. Ultimately, who can post on TheFeed is up to us. We’re fair people, but there is no appeal process to banning. When you’re out, you’re out.

5)      Remember, we’re all gamers, whether we play a PlayStation 3, a 360, a Wii or a Colecovision. Everyone just wants to have fun playing videogames. Don’t take any of it too serious and, if you can’t manage respect, at least have a little common courtesy for your fellow gamer.

 Now here's a cat who looks like Hitler.

A Note To TheFeed Readers


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