'Metal Gear 4' Demo Online


Posted July 24, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Much like the Messiah, everyone is waiting for Metal Gear Solid 4.

To whet your enormous appetite, Konami has released a 15-minute gameplay video of the title.

TheFeed was speechless after watching the footage, but we caught up with videogame expert and X-Play host  Adam Sessler to get his impressions.

Watch the video. Then see if you agree with The Sess.

TheFeed: So what did you think of the Metal Gear demo?

Adam Sessler: Amazing. I've never been the biggest Metal Gear fan, but I'm interested now.

TF: What did you think of the graphics?

AS: This thing could really raise the eyebrows of people for the PS3. The gameplay visuals are so much closer to what you see in the trailer than I thought would be possible. Insane textures at the expensive of destructable enviroments, but it doesn't matter that much because the setting is so bombed out, there wouldn't be all that much to destroy there anyway.

TF: What struck you about the gameplay mechanics?

AS: In previous MGS games, I never felt statisfed with taking out a number of enemies. I was never impressed with the cleverness, where here, you can really feel like a badass, using camoflage and other aspects of Snake to creatively kill enemies. Also, a big question from the demo footage was, you see Snake working on the side of one of the militias, but you don't see anything to indicate you are obligated to assist one side over the other. It's unclear how much direction the game gives you in terms of: Do you fight for one side over the other? Can you play both side against each other? Clearly you have to achieve certain goals, just to move the sotry forward, but this gave the impression that this could be a lot more open than I had ever thought would happen...or that there's any precedent for in the Metal Gear games.

TF: So a leap forward for the series.

AS: It's not as big a transition as say, the previous Resident Evil games to Resident Evil 4, it's not that dramatic, that you immediatly notice it, but there are so many nice touches and updates ands changes made, taht it will be more satifying and appealing to the general public than any of the previous Metal Gear games. It will be helped a lot by the graphics of the PS3.

TF: What specifically do you think will make it more accessible than previous Metal Gear games?

AS: I didn't see any exclamation points popping up over anyone's head! It seems harder-edged, although with some comical moments, like when Snake has to look at a girly magazine to feel better, but it seems like it's functioning under a logic that's more true to games as we know them. In previous Metal Gear games, it's  Kojima's logic. It was sometimes hard to figure out what he was trying to get you to do, where this game seems more thought out as to how the player would approach the game.

TF: Will it sell a lot of copies?

AS: Yes. There still aren't that many PS3s, so I think that will limit the sales, but as far as the attach rate to PS3s? That will be very high.

TF: Will it sell a lot of PS3s?

AS: They'll need to get more video of this out to the general public by the end of the year. It will be hard to get people to by a $600 system in the first part of a new year. But I think this game will definitely make a case for the PS3 being a very powerful system.

'Metal Gear 4' Demo Online


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