Hack a Mac? You Must Die!


Posted July 23, 2007 - By bleahy

It's well known that there really aren't virii or worms on the Mac, and TheFeed has found out why... If you create a worm for the Mac, angry internet nerds will come and kill you.

Last week a blogger posted a proof-of-concept worm on his blog that found an exploit in some networking code in OS X. By the end of the week he had received death threats from some Mac enthusiasts.

"You are lucky you are anonymous or I would put a bullet in your head for this!" -- Anonymous

"I dare you to demonstrate this at Defcon you ***** Microsoftie. We will drag you out, put a bullet in you, and bury your body so deep it will take a nuclear blast to find your body." -- Anonymous

Anonymous users making anonymous threats to the anonymous hacker? Can this get any better? The blog has since been hacked and shut down.

ComputerWorld: Mac worm author receives death threats

Hack a Mac? You Must Die!


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