Hello Kitty Saves Lives


Posted July 18, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

When TheFeed imagines end-of-the-world scenarios (which we do constantly), we picture society unraveling as natural resources dwindle and hope for the future fades. When the last drop of gas flows, and the last twinkie is sold from the supermarket, the true nature of humankind will rise to the surface. The streets will run red with blood in suburbia. Dullards, softies and the unprepared will be slaughtered and eaten by feral hordes who roam the countryside in packs like wild dogs. Two men enter. One man leaves.

But we'll be okay: We've got Hello Kitty!

TheHello Kitty emergency gadget pictured above is your one-stop shop for post apocalyptic survival. It contains a hand crank USB cell phone charger (in the offhand chance the towers haven't been burned for firewood), an LED flashlight, an AM/FM radio so you can listen to the desperate pleas of far off survivors begging for help, a hazard siren to scare off mutants, and a compass. Plus, it's adorable.

So see you after The Fall, suckers. I'll be huddled under some rags in a ditch, staring at Hello Kitty and rocking back and forth.

Engadget: Hello Kitty emergency gadget saves lives, looks real cute

Hello Kitty Saves Lives


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