Wii Flash Exploit Could Lead to Homebrew


Posted July 16, 2007 - By bleahy

Adobe posted a notice that the Flash Player that is used in the Nintendo Wii has a security flaw that could be exploited to run unsigned, arbitrary code.

Unsigned code has brought you classics like PS1 hacking, PS2 hacking, PS3 hacking, PSP hacking, Xbox hacking, Xbox 360 hacking, DS hacking, GameCube hacking and hacky sacking. It's not really any suprise that a flaw was found in the Wii as it happens to every console ever.

This could lead to homebrew, piracy, and even shenanigans. According to rumors (on the internets), Nintendo will have to pony up some cash to get a fixed browser from Adobe, so there might not be a fix for a while.

TheFeed can't wait to play all our old SNES and NES games on the Wii because we can't do that already.

QJ.net: Secuirty exploit in Flash player might allow homebrews on Wii

Wii Flash Exploit Could Lead to Homebrew


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