Madden NFL 08 To Sell You Real-Life Bling


Posted July 16, 2007 - By mbretz

Remember that gaudy high school class ring that you ordered and proceeded to wear around for a week or so until you realized it made you look like a colossal jackass? Well, the fine craftsmen at Jostens, responsible for 27 of the 41 Super Bowl rings, along with mega-game publisher Electronic Arts, are hoping you’re ready for another go-round on the garish-man-jewelry carousel.

The two companies announced on Monday a partnership to make custom-designed achievement rings available for purchase to Madden NFL 08 players when the game drops on August 14. The “Ring of a Champion” product line will serve as a kind of real world gamer score, available to players who have reached a certain level of achievement in the game.

Eligible players will be able to select any of the 32 NFL team logos and will be able to further customize the top and sides of their rings, which will range in price from - get ready - $149 for the base model to $495 for a 10K gold ring. And if a $500 golden Madden achievement ring isn’t quite ostentatious enough for you, you’ll also have the option to add real diamonds.

TheFeed is going to concentrate all its collective Madden skills and earning power in an effort to procure the most extravagant, blinging-est Championship Ring the world has ever seen, forged of platinum and encrusted with only the finest, most brilliant gems from the robots’ outer space diamond mines. So that the next time we run into Desmond Howard, and he’s all like, “Have you seen my Super Bowl ring,” TheFeed will flash its new ice to totally show him up for a change.

You just wait, Desmond Howard.

You just wait.

Gaming Age: EA announces "Ring of a Champion" for Madden 08

Madden NFL 08 To Sell You Real-Life Bling


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