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Posted July 14, 2007 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

Microsoft started out this year's E3 very strong with their media event. Almost all the games they showcased will be available before the end of 2007, and that's a rarity at events like these. With Peter Moore claiming that Xbox 360 has the best holiday line-up in the history of gaming, Microsoft has put all their cards on the table with a roster of beautiful and highly anticipated games. Start saving those pennies now, because the holiday season is just around the corner.

Check out the full list of Xbox 360 highlights from this year's E3 after the bump.

-Comic artist Joe Madureia and Vigil games announced Darksiders: Wrath of War as a title to be released in 2008. Combining open-world gameplay, a deep combat system, and a focused art style, this is one of the games you'll have to keep an eye on until next year.

-Konami announced Silent Hill 5 will be coming out sometime next year. The next gen update of the classic survival horror series will put you in the shoes of Alex Shephard, a war veteran who returns home to find his younger brother missing. His search will, of course, bring him to the fog covered town of Silent Hill. Sounds spine-tingley-dingley.

-Timeshift will be coming out for PC and 360, allowing players on both formates to engage in multiplayer across platforms. Having the power to control the space-time continuum is always fun, and we got the inside scoop from Sierra.

-Beautiful Katamari will be the first Katamari game on next gen consoles and will feature online multiplayer for the first time. A game this interesting and addicting needed some debate, and Kevin and Morgan had plenty to say about it.

-Rock Bandwill shatter your face with metal. Featuring a full band's worth of peripherals, everyone can now live out their dream of forming a super group, and your bandmates don't even need to be in the same country. Even the New Jerseyrific guitarist/actor Steven Van Zandt was on hand to talk about the upcoming rhythm game. Check out the live demo we got on stage from the Harmonix house band, "Three Finger Salute".

-Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has one of the most impressive showings this year. Taking the fight into the near future, this gorgeous, intense FPS made jaws drop at Microsofts media event, and at our on stage demo. We even got more details from the developers themselves about the new setting, night vision, and the multiplayer beta we'll be seeing.

- Of course, Halo 3 is certainly one of the most anticipated games of this year, and possible of all time. The final chapter of the epic FPS saga from our friends at Bungie will be sure to make you squeal with delight. Our own Chris Gore got a few extra details, but we're still clutching a blank check and camping out in the mall until September.

-Coming from the developers of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect will be another epic RPG that will make you miss the light of day. With countless locations, the freedom to roam around the galaxy as you please, and a long string of moral choices that will effect how your character develops, as well as the outcome of the story, this might be one of the most engrossing games of all time. Check out the insider info we got and wish you could fast forward a few months.

-If you're not as excited as Yves Guillemot is for Assasin's Creed, then there's no hope for you. This game has blown away expectations every time it's been shown in public. Dynamic crowds, hundreds of independant AI NPCs, historically accurate city recreations, a multi-layered story, intuitive controls...is it legal to marry a piece of software in Vermont?

-Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is taking the franchise to a new level by including team-based tactics and combat in the gameplay. With a simultaneous release for the 360 and PC, cross platform online multiplayer seems to be waiting in the near future.

-Turok has made a huge comback even before the game is released. By reimagining the canon,  Propoganda Games have placed you and the dinosaurs into the future and on a different planet.  Working with and against the dinos will be part of the game, and with some incredibly animated take downs, the developers say your trusty knife will be the coolest weapon in the game.

-Bioshock is beyond words. Taking the FPS genre to a new level, this creepy underwater adventure combines RPG strategy elements and incredibly dynamic enemy AI to make your experience as unique and intense as possible. We thought we were impressed before, but Ken Levine gave us a hands on tour that forced us to drink the kool-aid. With a survival horror glaze on top, we suggest you buy this game ASAP, lock your door, turn off the lights, and invest in some adult diapers.

- The Blacksite: Area 51 demo on Xbox Live whet our appetite, but what we say at E3 made us full on hungry. The look of the game is dark, scary, dynamic, intense, and awesome. Shooting aliens is fun, but this game turns it up to 11.

-Army of Two has co-op playability that we haven't seen since Contra. Even when playing alone, your partner will be controlled by very intelligent AI, since the game is focused on team work and cooperation. With promises of over the top action, moments of violent comedy, and allowing you to actually be social while glued to your tv screen, this game is definitly on our wish list.

-Tony Hawk's Proving Ground is taking the skating series in a new direction. You will direct and follow the full career of your skater, choosing just how far you want to take him in the world of pro-skating. World renouned vert cometitor? Harcore local? Take your pick.

-The Orange Box is not only bringing the entire Half-Life 2 collection to the 360 for the first time, but it also comes boxed with Portal and Team Fortress 2. I call that a bargain, the best I ever had.

-Stan Lee stopped by E3 to show off Spiderman: Friend or Foe. With gameplay similar to X-Men Legends, you will have to work with and against some of Spiderman's iconic villains, making alliances you never thought possible in order to achieve your final goal.

-Soulcalibur 4 is finally coming to the 360 and looks better than ever. The epic fighting series is stepping it  up, and will contain online multiplayer for the first time.

-skate is putting a new spin on skating games,  simplifying the controls, and giving you a better chance to pull of insane moves. With each analog stick controlling the two feet of your skater, this may be the skate game that anyone can jump into and start shredding.

-Making an armchair champion out of anyone, NBA Live 08 makes glisening athletes even more glisening.

-NASCAR 08 is bringing the excitement of high speed racing and corporate sponsorship to your 360.

-Mercenaries 2 is continuing the destruction and profit making of the previous game, but with an online co-op and much sweeter graphics and destructable environments.

- Medal of Honor: Airborne allows you to shoot Nazi's in gorlious HD while jumping out of a plane. That spells fun in our book.

-Kane and Lynch: Dead Men is a brutal buddy action title that will give you exactly what you want; guns. Lots and lots of guns.

-You can't stop the Madden series. And Madden 08 is the best we've seen in the series. Amazing graphics, a super high frame rate, and super smooth animations makes this game better than your average Monday night football.

-Fallout 3 has everyone wondering how the well loved and long sought after series will continue with it's new home at Bethesda. Coming to consoles for the first time, this will definitly be another game that will make some permanent waves in the industry.

-Lucas Arts showed off some of their new game Fracture this year. Honestly, what could be better than having complete control over the earth under your feet, as well as the earth under your enemy's.

-Guitar Hero 3 continues the well loved series with better graphics, all new songs, and Slash. Yes, that Slash. What else do you need to know?

-Eternal Sonata is a beautiful RPG where you play as classical composer Frederick Chopin in a trippy dream world of monsters and men. Classy.

-Not many games do beautiful destruction better than the Burnout series, and Burnout: Paradise brings it to a new level. Adding the ability to roam freely around the city, this could be the best crash-porn available ever.

-Ace Combat 6 makes dogfighting pretty.

-Hellboy: The Science of Evil will add some extra punch to your 360. Get it? Punch?

-Doves, guns, and acrobatics. John Woo's Stranglehold is down right awesome. Fully destructable environments, unlimited weapons, and countless ways to take out your enemies combine to blur the line between games and cinema.

-Unreal Tournament 3 continues the amazingly successful series on the 360 and adds the ability to use cross-platform multiplayer with PCs and 360s alike. This is a whole new level of fragging.

-Christmas came early when Microsoft gave us the teaser trailer to Resident Evil 5. You same zombies, we say how many?

-Grand Theft Auto 4 is going to rock your socks. And that's an understatement. The size and scope of this game will break new ground and show exactly what is possible on your 360.

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Xbox 360 E3 Recap


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