'World in Conflict' Beta Live, Now!

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Posted July 13, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Sierra Entertainment has announced that the July Beta Event for World in Conflict  launched July 11th.

The upcoming action-strategy game features traditional strategy gameplay mixed with action-filled shooting and will, according to the company, "allow gamers to join others around the world to experience fast-paced multiplayer maps and game modes."

The beta event will run through July 31st .

World in Conflict presents a Cold War scenario where the Berlin Wall never fell. Created by Cold War authority and best-selling author Larry Bond, the story begins in 1989 as the Soviets advance into Europe. NATO responds in force only to be met on a second front -- a full-fledged invasion of the American homeland.

According to Sierra, "The game represents the next-generation of strategy games, pitting Cold War-era superpowers against one another with completely destructible 3D battlefields, blistering visuals utilizing DX10 technology, and an innovative gameplay mechanism, removing traditional resource-gathering and base-building in favor of non-stop combat, tactical decisions and an FPS-like addiction to intense action."

To join the World in Conflict July Beta Event please visit www.worldinconflict.com/beta.

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'World in Conflict' Beta Live, Now!