Disney's E3 '07 Press Event


Posted July 12, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Disney Interactive's press event was the raddest thing ever.  We're talking virtual dinosaurs, virtual Hannah Montana and High School Musical, and real life cheerleaders.

Cheerleaders: For reals.

Things start off witha serious discussion of Disney's growing market share. They are, apparently, kicking butt in the DS and GBA world. The overall strategy for the games division of Disney is francising--taking Disney and Pixar's already successful properties and giving them the videogame treatment.

The big news for you hardcore types: Next-Gen Turok. The dinosaur slaying first-person game debuts February 5, 2008, and we can't wait. According to the Josh Holmes, from Propaganda Games, Turok's developer, the idea was to "re-invigorate a stagnant francise." And no francise deserves it more than Turok. that game was rad on the N 64, and a Native American (this time with a mohawk haircut!) killing dinosaurs has to be good.

Interesting innovation in this generation of Turok: A new emphasis on stealth weapons and "dino luring". Since the dinosaurs attack anything that moves, you can lure a T-Rex over to chomp that guy who keeps shooting you. Sounds satisfying and awesome. Also: stealth. Propaganda vows to make the knife "the coolest weapon in the game." We'd love it.

Disney announces the acquisition of Juntion Point Studios, adding them to their stable of developers. We hear from RPG-design legen Warren Spector, head of Juntion Point, and he's thrilled to be working with Disney.

Dgamer is announced. It's a social-netowkring add-on that will come equip on all Disney DS games, and allow for avatars,friends list (with parental approval) and customization, including costumes and whatnot earned in-game.

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is a cross-platform game that will be coming to you in May 2008. The trailer looked delightful.  The game features non-linear play and interesting oppurtunities to use the powers of different creatures within the game. We're talking a dwarf riding on a giant, here, and if that doesn't grab ya, nothing willand we sincerely hope that the awe-inspiring source material (the universe created by C.S. Lewis in the Narnia books) results in a game that's more than just another movie tie-in title. It has a chance; it really does.

Spectrobes 2 was annouced. For Fall 2008. Promising more innovative interactivity with the Nintendo DS than even the first Spectrobes. It's currently in the works, and we bet it's awesome.

Because TheFeed is written by 13-year-old girls, we love the look of Hannah Montana Music Jam, a DS title that allows you to play, save and share your own music. Pretty rad.

Then: High School Musical: Sing It. Disney chose this game to showcase two supposed amateurs from the crowd. They quickly proved themselves plants, great singers, harmonizing and whatnot. They were actually good singers, we swear. We also swear that if you're too cool to enjoy a little karaoke with your friends, you're not gonna hang out with us.

Finally--and we swear we didn't dream this--a whole bunch of cheerleaders appeared in the press conference ballroom, wildy cheering and getting pep all over the assembled crusty game journalist types. They urged the bewildered crowd to participate and dance along. Because TheFeed is written by grizzled, chain-smoking ex-cons, we didn't dance. We just wanted a drink.  Someone threw us a Wildcats beach ball, and it all ended.

Til next year, Disney. Adios!

Disney's E3 '07 Press Event


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