37 New Hi-Def E3 Trailers (Watch them in HD here)


Posted July 13, 2007 - By nonG4user

Check out this eye candy!

We're presenting some of the best content from E3 here, in HD.

The videos will stream using GridNetwork's P2P technology which allows practically no buffer wait time = more eye candy time!! Enjoy. Check back here often, we will collect the best HD content from the E3 show floor and post it here.

* Requires PC + Windows *

Halo 3 New Trailer #2
Halo 3 New Trailer #1
Madden NFL 08
Project Gotham Racing 4
Guitar Hero 3 Legends Of Rock
Beautiful Katamari
Naruto Rise Of A Ninja
Halo Wars
Mass Effect
Lost Odyssey
Marathon Durandal
Gears Of War Games For Windows
Age Of Empires 3 The Asian Dynasties Games For Windows
Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration Expansion Pack Games For Windows
BC-bts h264 HD
Blacksite E3 2007 Trailer
BourneOrigin HD720p ESRB
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare - E3 Trailer (HD)
ClockSONG DOM Final 02HD
DR final
E3 2007 Dynasty Warriors Gundam trailer
EE3 CG Blur RP HD 720p
Enemy Territory QUAKE Wars (HD)
Eternal Sonata Trailer
evendim for windows 1024 768
scl e3 trailer0706 comp
SH E307 Trailer 62707 FINAL HD 720p
sst intro large
TC4 Trailer
TNA Announcement Trailer
TR trailer jun 07 h264
UT3 E3 TrailerHD
Wheelman Annouce Trailer FINALHD 720p
Grand Theft Auto IV HD Trailer

More to come - check back later today or tomorrow!

To view the clips, click on the links above. You will be asked to download and install the PowerGrid Player (don't worry, the player is designed to uninstall easily). The PowerGrid Player currently runs only on the Windows Operating System. GridNetworks will be releasing the Mac PowerGrid Connector in 2007.

37 New Hi-Def E3 Trailers (Watch them in HD here)


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