Avril Lavigne vs. Rubinoos: We All Lose


Posted July 9, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Pop star Avril Lavigne is mad as hell and she ain’t gonna take it anymore!

After being publicly accused by punk band The Rubinoos of stealing their 1979 sorta-hit "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" for her smash "Girlfriend,” Avril posted a rebuttal to the claims on her MySpace site.

Avril says she "had never heard this song in my life" and "all songs share similar lyrics and emotions. As humans we speak one language." 

It's true...unless you count Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and all those other non-English languages we humans speak...idiot.

"You may have heard some news that two guys who wrote for some band from the 1970s I have never in my life heard of called the 'Rubinoos' are trying to sue me. They have a song called 'I Want to Be Your Boyfriend' that has no musical similarities to the song 'Girlfriend,' " Avril rants. "They claim that a small part of the lyrics are the same and are saying that I took these from them. ... Off the top of my head, two other songs that I can immediately think of with this type of lyric are 'Hey, hey, you, you get off of my cloud' by the Rolling Stones ['Get Off of My Cloud'] and 'Hey little girl I want to be your boyfriend' by the Ramones ['I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend']. Simply put, I have been falsely accused of ripping their song off."

Last week, Rubinoos frontman Tommy Dunbar and co-writer James Gangwer filed suit in U.S. District Court in Northern California against Lavigne, her songwriting partner Dr. Luke, RCA Records and Apple Inc., alleging that "Girlfriend" is a ripoff of "Boyfriend."

"We are not so naive as to chalk it up to some sort of cosmic coincidence," Dunbar said in a statement. "The lyric, the meter, the rhythm ... they're identical."

And on the Rubinoos' site, they have now posted Lavigne's "Girlfriend" alongside their song, as well as covers of "Boyfriend" by British shoegazers Lush and former Mouseketeers the Party under the headline "Avril Lavigne Vs. The Rubinoos: You Decide."

You the Rubinoos claim could be taken a bit more seriously if the very song they are claiming got ripped off wasn’t the exact same title of well known song by a band they were influenced by: "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend," recorded in 1976, three years before the Rubinoos song. So essentially the Rubinoos think it’s okay when THEY steal an idea from someone, but not okay for someone to do it to them. Or is it because in 1979 The Ramones were flat broke and coulda cared less if someone stole one of their ideas, where is 2007 Avril is loaded with dough and the Rubinoss are flat broke?…allegedly.

That all being said though, if you listen to the songs back to back there is NO DOUBT Avril's song is a complete ripoff of the Rubinoos tune. I do believe that Avril herself had never heard of the tune and did intend to steal the idea...but that her likely-older songwriting partner had heard it and knowingly ripped it off. So despite the fact that The Rubinoos come off like crybabies in their press releases and including Apple in the suit was just a way to get press, they are 100% right and I hope they make a mint off that silly girl.

MTV.com: Avril Lavigne Responds To Lawsuit, Says She's Been 'Falsely Accused'

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Avril Lavigne vs. Rubinoos: We All Lose


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