Hackers Set-Up Vulnerability Auction Site


Posted July 6, 2007 - By bleahy

There's only one thing more hardcore than kidnapping someone and holding them for ransom and that's figuring out a security vulnerability in a popular piece of software and holding that information ransom.

Swiss company, WSLabi, has set up a hacker eBay where hackers can sell these vulnerabilities to the company it affects. They claim to be on the level.

They see it as freelance assistance to software engineers and they feel they should be paid. TheFeed and others thinks it's some straight-up blackmail.

It would be the same thing as TheFeed coming to your house and poking at the walls, foundation, and everything else looking for a flaw. An extremely dangerous flaw that could lead to your entire family being crushed alive by your roof caving in. We'll tell you what you need to fix, but it's gonna cost you.

We also do this without your permission and if you don't pay up, we'll probably come back in the middle of the night and kick in the one thing holding your house together. You should have paid up man. We were just trying to help.

The company claims that anyone attempting to purchase a vulnerability report will be "carefully evaluated", which will minimize the risk of selling the right stuff to the wrong people." So don't go trying to buy some Windows security holes unless you are Microsoft. That's for their eyes only... and probably everyone's after they get the money.

Oh you crazy hackers. All those years spent stealing AOL accounts and mail bombing people not paying off in the real world the way you'd hoped?

TechCrunch.com: Hacker’s eBay: Legitimate Marketplace or Organized Blackmail?

Hackers Set-Up Vulnerability Auction Site


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