New 'Halo 3' Vehicle Revealed


Posted July 2, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

IGN has a whole mess of info on Halo 3, and lemme tell ya, it looks killller.

  •  New vehicle was revealed. The Brute Chopper. Sort of like the Ghost, but with a front ramming vehicle and twin front-mounted cannons. Mayhem!
  •  New grenade, The Jammer. This baby interferes with motion-tracking, making them go nuts, and screws with everyone's screen, casuing them to flash. It's instant pandemonium, and causes lingering disorientation.
  • Unlockable helmets and armor. No details as to whether the difference are simply cosmetic or affect the game, but even if it's just a new coat of paint and lid for old Master Chief, it's still a cool idea.
  • video file sharing--this was alluded to previously, but more details were dropped. Made a particulalry awesome triple kill? Share the video!

IGN also dropped the word on new maps, Epitaph, Last Resort - Zanzibar Reborn and Shrine.

Check it out!

IGN: Halo 3: Beyond the Beta

New 'Halo 3' Vehicle Revealed


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