On the Scene: Tales From an iPhone Line


Posted June 29, 2007 - By bleahy

Not in line for an iPhone? We're here to give you the scoop on the lines as we wait in one to get our hands on an iPhone. We drove by 6 different AT&T stores and saw lines ranging from 40 to 150 people. The Apple Stores were running higher numbers, with 150 to 200 people lined up as of 2pm PT.

Stores will close at 4pm to setup for the launch and re-open at 6pm. Some stores haven't even received their shipments yet. No one will release any information about the number of iPhones they received.

Hit the jump for more first-person impressions from the line and more pics.

Many people are offering or being offered money for their spots in line, with the going rate at around $500 for a spot near the front. We talked to a lot of people that are planning to sell their iPhone on eBay instead of keeping it for themselves. Those lucky enough to be in an Apple Store line will be able to buy two, but AT&T is limiting sales to one per customer.

Friends are holding places in line for other friends, who are not yet out of work or school, but no one appears to be joining people in line. If they did, TheFeed would kick them out with the boot of swift justice.

How's security? Our very lives are being protected by this man. This man is all that stands between us and crime. We do not feel safe. Would you feel safe if this was the only guy on the job to protect you from muggers and other evil-doers? Especially after all of the violence surrounding the PS3 launch last year. What could he do to stop a criminal? The only thing we can think of is that he is some sort of martial arts master, but we aren't convinced since he does not have a long white beard.

Other stores have 1-2 security guards watching the lines and keeping order and we found that most lines have self-organized and have created numbering systems to allow people to use bathrooms in nearby stores. We even started the system in our line because TheFeed does not tolerate chaos.

Gamers are out and we see a lot of people playing on their DS's or PSP's. The average age of those in line is around 25 with the people in front having been there since as early as Tuesday. A lot of people in line are other reporters, bloggers, and podcasters who are writing pieces on the iPhone while getting one for themselves.

The iPhone is definitely going to be sold out, but hopefully Apple will be able to get them back in stock quickly.

While we wait in line, be sure to catch Attack of the Show! tonight at 7PM ET for LIVE iPhone coverage from both coasts, our iPhone review and more. Then, instead of waiting in line, watch FREE STUFF at 10PM ET/ PT tonight for your chance to win one of SIX free iPhones!

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On the Scene: Tales From an iPhone Line


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