The Robots Now Have TASERs


Posted June 28, 2007 - By mbretz

While we don’t wish to incite panic, TheFeed must, as part of our role as self-proclaimed Official Watchdog of the underhanded robotics industry, dutifully report that word hit the wires on Thursday of two companies teaming up to BUILD AN ARMY OF TASER-EQUIPPED ROBOTS!!!

iRobot Corp. and TASER International, Inc. have decided that it would be a swell idea to equip the PackBot Explorers that iRobot manufactures for the military with the TASER X26 electronic control device, which can penetrate 2 inches of clothing at distances of up to 35 feet. The bots would be sold to the military and law enforcement agencies for use as a “defensive, non-lethal tool.”

Gee, what could possibly go wrong with this brilliant plan? We can’t say for sure, but we know how it ends - with all of us toiling in forced servitude in the robots’ diamond mines. And before you’re all like, “oh, there goes TheFeed again, crying wolf that the robots are going to enslave us all,” listen to what John Pike, the director of military research organization Globalsecurity.org has to say about this development. “...at some point toward the end of the next decade,” says Pike, “you're going to start seeing RoboCops, or a Terminator.”

Holy Cripes! We’ve seen RoboCop, and now we’re going to have nightmares about the ED-209.

 Things have gotten so bad that we’ve had to create a special “Robot Uprising” tag to keep tabs on the encroachment of the automatons. As long as TheFeed is around, you can be sure that their measured advance will not go unnoticed and that we will remain ever vigilant in our coverage of this developing Cyber Scourge. 

With each passing day, we’re all one step closer to the diamond mines, folks.

Be alert.

MSNBC: What happens when you hand a 'bot a Taser?

The Robots Now Have TASERs


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