Halo Beta: Shot Down The Hype?


Posted June 25, 2007 - By jmanalang

We’ll let you read the story below to draw your own conclusions…

As for us, TheFeed would like to respond to Mr. David M’s story with a big fat NO.

Although the story did pose a lot of interesting facts and explanations, we would strongly disagree on one point: Halo 2’s hype did not build up due to the lack of information given. If you ask us on what did contribute to the hype? The answer is simple: It’s because of us, the fanbase.

Bungie did their fans a favor by giving us a taste of their most prized project yet. Why did they do it? Perhaps they planned to use the beta as a development tool to test out the system, or to momentarily suppress our Halo hunger. During the Halo 3 beta days, did you notice the loading screen notes on the bottom right of the screen? It read, "Loading Halo 3 Beta", then scrolling up, "Love, Bungie." Yeah, maybe it’s because of that too.

Days after the beta, we still crave for more Halo action. Not just multiplayer, but we also can’t wait to see how the single player campaign unfolds (*crosses finger for online co-op). But hype or no hype, players will undoubtedly grasp their 360 controllers when Halo 3 finally lands in September (if Bungie reeeaaallly loves us).

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Halo Beta: Shot Down The Hype?